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Palazzo La Marmora, where Centro Studi Generazioni e Luoghi is located, will be open to the public every sunday between June the 2nd and October the 13th 2013. Visitors will have the opportunity for taking a guided tour between 10.00 till 13.00 or 14.00-18.00.

La Marmora Palace is situated in the old Piazzo, above Biella. In the halls, passed the winter garden, frescoes and paintings will tell you about Sebastiano who brought Renaissance to Biella, about Filippo, ambassador who sealed royal weddings in the 18th century, about Raffaella mother of the generals La Marmora in the Risorgimento, about  the arrival in 1899 of the Leon Battista Alberti’s family in the house. The octagonal Tower dominates the garden, which opens towards Biella with a terrace and a Nymphaeum. Follow us on Facebook at Palazzo La Marmora's official page.



The Centro Studi Generazioni e Luoghi took part in various ways in a range of initiatives to mark the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy (1861-2011). Here it comes a list of the most significative ones. 

1. Padua - October 2010 / February 2011

Fondazione Bano, Exhibition: “The face of the nineteenth century” - The Centro Studi lent the painting by Pietro Ayres (1828) of “La Famiglia La Marmora”. On this occasion the large postcard which can be seen on the first page of this site was made available at the exhibition.


2. Biella - 13 November 2010

The family of the four La Marmora generals - Conference on the occasion of the Biellese stage of “Viaggio Risorgimentale in Piemonte” promoted by The association of Historic Houses and attended by Filippo Beraudo of Pralormo, Tomaso Ricardi of Netro, Silvia Cavicchioli, Francesco Alberti La Marmora and the Councillor for Culture , Andrea Delmastro.


3. Turin - 20 November / 5 December 2010

The National Association of Historic Houses, Piedmont section, exhibits: “Protagonists of the Risorgimento: objects, curios and documents from the historic houses of Piedmont”– The Centro Studi lent prints, works of art and medals from its own collection.


4. Biella - 6 January 2011

Annual ceremony of the Bersaglieri, Biella section, at the La Marmora crypt in the basilica of San Sebastiano.


5. Turin - 18 February / 27 March 2011

StileLibero Association, second edition of "Memorandum: festival of historical photography" - The Centro Studi lent original photographs by James Robertson, taken during the Crimean war , together with water colours and drawings by Giovanna Berthie Mathew and Vittorio La Marmora.


6. Biella - 26 and 27 March 2011

19° FAI Spring Day - The first public initiative to enhance the La Marmora crypt in the basilica of San Sebastiano in Biella. At Palazzo La Marmora visit to an exhibition on the subject of the four generals.


7. Turin - Palazzo Madama - 18 March 2011 / 8 January 2012

Exhibition: “Italy will be. Reconstruction of the Senate Chamber.” - The Centro Studi provided documents for the section devoted to Alberto La Marmora.


8. Pinerolo (Turin) - Castello di Miradolo - 2 April / 26 June 2011

Fondazione Cosso, Exhibition: “Women in the Piedmontese Risorgimento” - The Centro Studi lent the painting by Pietro Ayres of “La Famiglia La Marmora”, a portrait of Giovanna Berthie Mathew by Michele Gordigiani, original photographs from the Crimea by James Robertson and drawings by Giovanna Berthie Mathew.


9. Turin - P.zza Carignano - 7 / 31 May 2011

Historic Houses Day - Display of 40 panels summarizing the exhibition held in Turin at the State Archives in November 2010. A panel devoted to the four La Marmora brothers.



10. Biella - 16 June 2011

National Rally of Bersaglieri - A delegation of leaders of the Bersaglieri corps and the National Association of Bersaglieri, on the occasion of the 59th National Rally held in Turin for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, came to Biella to visit Palazzo La Marmora and pay respects to the tomb of their founder Alessandro La Marmora in the La Marmora crypt in the basilica of San Sebastiano.


11. Turin - Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali di Torino - 17 June / 15 September 2011

Exhibition: “Alberto La Marmora, geographer and scientist. Four brother generals for a united Italy."– The Centro Studi lent a large selection of previously unseen water colours and ink drawings by Alberto La Marmora and curatorship of the section devoted to the four brothers.


12. Spilimbergo (Pordenone) - Galleria Provincia di Pordenone, via Garibaldi 10 - 7 September / 6 November 2011

Centre for Photographic Research and Archives. Exhibition: “Photography and the Italian Risorgimento. Treasures from the great Italian museums.” - The Centro Studi lent a selection of photographs by James Robertson, taken during the Crimean War.


13. Biella - 22 October - 15 December 2011

Exhibition: "Four Biellese in the Risorgimento: the La Marmora brothers" - The four-part exhibition leads the visitor from the origins of the La Marmora family through the events of the Risorgimento, relating the stories of the four brothers Carlo Emanuele, Alberto, Alessandro and Alfonso and presenting a selection of rare curios and documents ; this is also a unique opportunity to admire important paintings of the grand masters of Italian and European painting between 1700 and 1800 which have never been displayed before. The exhibition is held at Palazzo La Marmora, Palazzo Ferrero, the Headquarters of the Biverbanca, and the basilica of San Sebastiano where a permanent installation is on display.



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